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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


That's the word. Jose Mourinho has to think twice about Chelsea return. The man has been rumored to have been offered 12m a year plus a clause to take Ronaldo with him. It might not be what would happen because Madrid would not allow Ronaldo to go but if Jose moves, then it might just be a bad dent in his career as one of the best managers in the world. Jose has as far as we all know,never been sacked on a job. Jose still has Barca to dominate and despite being ahead of them in the La Liga and possibly might win the UCL but what counts amongst Real fans is the head to head with Barca. He might join Chelsea later but as of now, they are in a code red and any coach entering there would need to have 2 magic wands to be able to restore the club to their heights. The team is not just not playing well but are lacking in harmony and strength. Look before you leap Jose, the EPL has changed and it's not the same old show you used to run...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

3 bullets 1 Lacking...

What a Match!!!! i had the chance to take a poll before the match and most came as expected, it's a sealed coffin. Behold after 45 mins at the Emirates, opinions changed like the dawning of a highlight in Arsenal's history...Wonderful match but people i have to say it's a bit sour in the mouth the fact that they were 3 up by half time.

The Concentration factor was also noticed to be dropping as time went on, it's like the players expected to score but did not dig deep to see that happen and if not for time,i believe milan would have scored. good result but the Arsenal universe need to know that the difference between a Victory and Loss is always marginal, the pain of defeat and the exhilaration of victory.

They should pick themselves up and move into the next game with focus as that is what they should have in abundance,get the CL qualification spot and reinforce and come back stronger.

Wonderful Match

Monday, 5 March 2012

Come On...Really???

Really??? do people expect that Arsenal FC would trash Milan 5-0 and qualify for the UCL Quarter Finals?no pun intended but i don't. It's not bad that they want to fight but putting everything on the line is a lesson we all learned at the poker tables.They can't Win, or more correctly, afford the Cost of winning...

I love them but come on, it wouldn't be a logical move throwing all into a match that's as good as gone. The temptation of glory is there but the reality of injuries and a weekend match can help them back to earth. The Milan match should be a chance to field a weaker team and try and get some confidence in them, if Arsenal goes 2 up, then bring in the guns and believe me, Milan would crumble. but the match is as good as gone against a side in great form ,...errr, we'll let this one slide...focus on Newcastle and the 4th place and probably get to them same competition next year. This would be a match Chamakh, Park, Ox and Ramsey might need to get some playing time and experience and fitness. If he wants to gamble, fine but the Risk/Reward ratio is 4-0 as at now.

The Roman Funeral 7

The Previous weekend was a tale of sour tastes in the mouths of managers such as Andrea Villas Boas and Kenny Daglish.Unsurprisingly, AVB got sacked after the Chelsea board thought that he was losing grip of the team. Really i believe that while the sacking was justified, the owner Roman Abramovich needs to help his side by getting a coach with space to rebuild. Lets face it, Jose Mourinho was very special that he built what had to take years in a short while. Before that, Chelsea were pretty much the Club Tottenham are now so i guess Roman and the Fans are getting a bit spoilt.Thanks Jose. Same with Inter Fans and soon would be Madrid Fans. Lets face it, Andrea Villas Boas is the 7th Manager at the Helm of Chelsea since Roman took over..If he has eyes and takes a look around the Top Four, he would see that City have changed coaches twice, United the same, Tottenham, 2 changes like wise and Arsenal, the same old Wenger whom i believe that Roman would have sacked if he were in charge of Chelsea a million times over.For a manager that went unbeaten in the league all season and won the Europa League in stunning fashion, you at least have to think that he has some ability of some sort, too bad that Lampard, Drogba, Terry and Roman all seem to take delight in hurting resume's of good managers....

Ranieri, Mourinho, Grant, Scolari, Hiddink, Ancelotti, Andrea Villas Boas, We all salute thee for taking the Job with the least security all round Soccer..

Friday, 2 March 2012

All is not Blue at the Bridge....

The Chelsea team has been immersed with a lot of back room problems of late. This team has had the likes of Lampard coming out to crtiticise the manager Andrea Villas Boas but still claims "All is well with the team". Recently, David Luiz has come out in defense of the manager  and you all wonder why professional players should be on that when their focus should be on the Club.

The problem of such team is this: The Coach. This has happened during the time of Scolari and Grant. When the team does not respect you, that's done. When Mourinho came to Chelsea, he was not accorded the respect he has today on a platter of Gold. He had to go for the Jugular by benching players like Carvalho and Boularouz to take his stand. Face it, a manager about their age would not be the first person they would be the best option for them to take instructions from. There would also be back room caucus of senior players who would want things to go their way with as it is so there would be a fight.  AVB does not strike me as a man who would dominate the arena and prove his mettle. 

AVB out or The "Players", it's between the valuation of the Coach and the players concerned that the board has to choose from...

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Transfer Stories of the Day....

It seems that Seydou Keita Might be moving to Liverpool at the end of the season as he granted another interview to express his desire to win trophies in England and all

Arsenal Target Lucas Poldoski has "Allegedly" agreed terms with the club over personal issues and it has only the Cologne board to sanction the transfer. It remains a mystery of how Arsenal intends to deal with their Strike/Forward Over flow. Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin have been touted to leave soon but he has Wellington Silva, Vela, Joel Campbell and others as option. Definitely he would have to sell in order to buy..

Barca end Bale pursuit, no surprise really, British players seem to love playing at home and only a handful ply their trade abroad, also their stock seems over hyped in contrast to other Nationals...

Arsenal, Barca and Chelsea also have started hunts for Startlets all round the globe, there have been some news but all's that until confirmed... Stay tuned.

And the Meaning is?

The addition of  National friendly matches has been a case of club/Versus country, patriotism etc... Now, to the real issue: How many matches is considered as a limit for a footballer to play? because for a player in a top club with about 3-4 titles to Fight for, we are talking atleast 40 games a season. That's enough to get someone fagged out. Also, i thought the main objective of a friendly is for the teams to try out new players but in most cases, the Big nations Just bring the GUNs out. For Instance, the case of England Vs Holland has a couple of injuries to Huntellar, Smalling... and they have clubs to play for. The Country is important but they should work out a way to end this saga if not, people might just choose their Clubs ahead of the country and that would be just plain Sad.

The Soccer today..back then.

Yes all, soccer/football today is probably one of the hottest topics in today's news. Also, we can't talk about soccer without talking about the English Premier League. Fans bear harsh weather, surging ticket prices and all just to be in the stadium to cheer the players on and believe me, that has to count as one of the most wonderful feelings a human can have.

That has changed now. When i was growing up, i watched Alan Shearer play for Newcastle  for many years, the love and support from the fans used to be enough, there were the Maldini's, The Del Piero's and all,players who stood by the Club by and Large but now, it's all business.I have not problem with business in soccer but it's also a personal thing,whether it's the fault of the club or the player, the fans bear the brunt. Clubs should always put the needs of the fans first,so do players. I can't imagine Totti leaving Roma for just a 30,000 increase in wages. Absurd! he would never do that so would the others of his time..I believe it's time Uefa enforces it's rules not only on spending but on youth development, etc. There needs to be growth the the Business but also in the Game.We should all take a stand and say No! to all soccer killing elements and get on the passionate and Uniting game called Football...

The Glory should be back to football. Money would buy supporters but never buy fans.